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Graphene Electrothermal Film

Baoshi graphene electrothermal film is made of core heating paste independently developed and has a good controllable positive temperature coefficient (PTC) to ensure stable performance and no attenuation. The substrate is a high-quality EU-certified PET substrate that withstands voltage of over 3750V. The protective layer is made of an ROHS-certified PVC. The distributed capacitive current absorbing layer comes from a low-resistance material and insulating composite material. The film comes with an earth leakage circuit breaker.

Composition of Graphene Electrothermal Film Indoor Heating System

Baoxi graphene electrothermal film indoor heating system is composed of a combination of graphene electrothermal film, smart temperature controller, T-cable and smart remote management system (optional).


Advantages of Graphene Electrothermal Film Indoor Heating System