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Double-Effect Graphene Inverter Electric Heater

The double-effect graphene inverter electric heater applies the reliable graphene electrothermal film that can spread the heat to the whole room through radiation and convection. It can rapidly and evenly heat up a large area in a safe and efficient manner, saving energy and causing little sound.  

Product Advantages:

1. Seamless combination of steels, endurable and impact-resistant.

2. Convection in all directions and far infrared radiation for heating.

3. Built-in graphene electrothermal film that resists high temperature and radiates in two ways to deliver a long service life.

4. Automatic protection upon excessively high temperature and from electric leakage to ensure safety.

5. Easy to install and layman-friendly, multiple groups can be installed in parallel.

Technical Parameters:
Product name: Double-Effect Graphene Inverter Electric Heater
Model: GT030101
Rated Voltage: 220V
Rated Power: 400W/500W
Dimensions (L*W*H): 770*450*50
Electric radiation conversion: >80%
Maximum surface temperature: <90℃

Way to Install: Wall-mounted